My vibes
I have lost not,
how can I
hold back when
I love you,
how can I fight
when I have lost
the battle,
how can I deny
myself the pleasure
of your warmth,
how can I attain
perfection when
am flawed,
how do I act
my heart without
you thinking I want
your flesh and not
your heart,
but am a man in love,
craving the woman
I desire,
am not a saint
and not perfect,
my desires have
overwhelmed and
become a burden
on your acquaintance
with fear,
your belief
has made
your adventure
with passionate
love seem bleak,
wake up the
courage in you,
evoke me,
and the vibes
you think I
have lost
will come alive
to its fullness.

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Onah is a graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Calabar,Cross River State,Nigeria. He has over 6 years Banking experience in various aspect of Treasury Operations. He is working towards becoming a qualified financial analyst in the future and enjoys reading, research and writing, especially Finance and Economic related topics. As much as he enjoys writing and reading he also enjoys playing chess, watching movies ,workout and other activities to live a balanced life.

2 thoughts on “MY VIBES”

  1. Fear tries to take its cause
    Yet your passion quenches it gradually
    Your vibe keeps the fear at bay
    Let not it quench
    Rather let it keep aflame
    For in due time its fruits will yield
    Bringing aflame, unafraid
    The once buried flame in me


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