Meeting her
has always
been my wish,
hoping, it would
transcend from
acquaintance to
withstand time,
I waited
in eagerness
for the date,
it was all
like halley’s
it tarried,
it sure came,
but taking my
hope, innocence,
love and heart
as she passed,
leaving behind
and pain,
she didn’t stay
to help me heal.

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Onah is a graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Calabar,Cross River State,Nigeria. He has over 6 years Banking experience in various aspect of Treasury Operations. He is working towards becoming a qualified financial analyst in the future and enjoys reading, research and writing, especially Finance and Economic related topics. As much as he enjoys writing and reading he also enjoys playing chess, watching movies ,workout and other activities to live a balanced life.

One thought on “FAILED DATE”

  1. Beautifully written, such lovely words. The story seem to end with tragic sickness and an open heart ❤️. Life doesn’t always happen like we plan or time slips away before you now. What we have is NOW moments, with teachable moments of yesterday. Cherish each, but don’t get stuck. God is our healer the mender of broken hearted. Lift up your head…


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