Annette didn’t bother convincing her mother, she concluded that she was going to make out time to get her mother to see reasons with them. Not knowing things were not what they seemed to be.

The next day, Ifedayo called Kunle, asking him to terminate the relationship, that she was not going to allow them to go through with their wedding plans. He attempted to convince her, but to no avail and she was not willing to change her mind. She ended the call very angry and bitter at Kunle. Why Annette? Of all the girls he had around him, why her beloved daughter? But she wasn’t ready to give in to their wishes. She made up her mind to allow them have their way eventually but with conditions. She would hold her ground for a while with the hope that their relationship would suffer and finally crash so she could have Kunle all to herself.

Annette, ignorant of the real issue tried severally to get her mum to accept her decision, but met a brick wall each time. For the first time, Kunle had no plan and solution. He couldn’t seduce the situation to his will and things were gradually falling apart between Ifedayo and Annette. He didn’t want that to happen because he felt guilty. His repeated efforts to discuss with Ifedayo for a solution was fruitless. She was unyielding, until she surprisingly sent a message”,

“Meet me at The Abode, suite 304, at 5 pm”.

Kunle knew it was dangerous, like walking into the lion’s den, but it was a window of opportunity he wouldn’t allow get closed without committing to resolving the calamity on ground. Kunle knocked on suite 304’s door at exactly 5pm. Ifedayo opened the door and ushered him in. After a strained exchange of pleasantries, Ifedayo began talking about how she felt for him. Kunle was shocked at the turn of the conversation as she had left what he felt was important and started talking about them, and how much she loved and cared about him.

Gradually, she undressed for she knew her passion was like a drug, an opium Kunle was obsessed with and couldn’t resist. They made love like there was no yesterday, no tomorrow, just now. It was exceptional as always. As she lay with her head on his chest, she said she would allow Kunle marry her daughter Annette on one condition. Kunle eagerly said anything. Anything? She asked. She said their affair must continue and be sustained. Kunle speechless, but in the silence of his heart and conscience, he knew this woman had no limit to what she could do. He couldn’t make such a decision on the spot and requested to think about it. She agreed, but insisted to get his response before the end of the next day.

In the past, before his heart tasted the sweetness of love, when he was brutal, insensitive and a woman’s heart was just a game to him. He would have told Annette the whole truth or ended the relationship and set himself free from this night mare. But meeting Annette changed his tripartite of soul, heart and mind. Even if he wanted to end it, his heart would not accept because it wasn’t ready to go into the greatest battle, the one that raged within. Kunle decided to choose the lesser evil. Accept the proposal of Ifedayo while keeping his relationship with Annette and eventually getting married. Then focus his energy on ending the sacrilege before time revealed it. He thought this approach of a step at a time was the most efficient and the way to dealing with the potential crisis. But fate had other plans in store for Olakunle.

Kunle and Annette made their wedding simple and private. Ifedayo and her friends graced the occasion. It looked perfect and flawless, but Kunle and his mother in law knew better. The wedding was a celebration of love, as well as a

confirmation of a sacrilege and abomination between Kunle and his wife’s mother. Ifedayo called it her love adventure, Kunle called it sin, yet he continued to indulge when he should have withdrawn, she enticed him with deadly passion when she should quench it, the pleasure and utility from such contempt led them on a path of stigma.

Annette was a perfect wife; she balanced her profession and the role of a wife flawlessly. Apart from the dark secret, the less than two years marriage was doing well and she was happy to be married to the love of her life, Kunle. Ifedayo and Kunle travelled sometimes under the guise of assisting his mother in law in her business deals. Annette could not have imagined her husband having an affair with her mother. But they became complacent and their degree of laxity knew no bound. Kunle forgot his plan of ending the affair after achieving his aim of getting married to Annette. They made passionate love on his and Annette’s matrimonial bed and on their sitting room couch on few occasions.

Annette, now four months pregnant, constantly uncomfortable and stressed, decided to reschedule her meeting and left the office for home thinking she would be bored as Kunle was supposed to have gone for a meeting and won’t be back till late in the evening. She inserted her key, but couldn’t gain access as there was another key. She pushed the door and it opened motionlessly with no sound. She moved carefully, afraid someone with a criminal intent was in there on a mission.

But behold, a man and woman were on their couch carried away by pleasure without noticing she was standing by the door, watching what was like a scene from an erotic movie. She screamed, Kunle! In reflex, they both turned in her

direction. It was her mother Ifedayo and her husband. Shaking and trembling in shock, blood ran straight to her head, and in a dizzy wave she fell back to the ground and fainted.

Annette was revived at the hospital. Her mother couldn’t dare to stay, but Kunle

braced up and was by her side. She could barely speak, so she literally muttered,

“Kunle why?” and started crying again. He tried to calm her by saying he was sorry but struggled with the words. He felt so bad that he couldn’t take her pain away.

After two days, she was discharged from the hospital. On getting home, she packed most of her stuff and moved into a rented apartment which she had found online and paid for with mobile bank transfer while she was still at the hospital. She couldn’t tell her other family members, her sister inclusive, why she moved out. Her mother made several efforts to reach her but she declined giving her audience. In moments of solitude, she thought about what to tell her child in the future if she divorced her husband and exiled her mother from her life. Would she say she divorced and had no relationship with her mother because her child’s father and grandmother had an affair while they were married? Her child would be scarred for life with such information, so she shoved it aside, their marital vows staring her in the face revealing all the implications she never thought deeply about. Whatever decision she takes now would either make her family whole again or marred for life. Is this what is meant by the woman is the pillar and determines whether her home falls or remain standing? Was there really need to escalate things further when the parties involved are already paying for their abominable acts? This indeed was a cross she never wished for but hoped that wisdom would guide her decisions.

Kunle after making series of effort to meet, chat or have a phone conversation with Annette with no success, and paying direly for his deeds, emotional torture accompanying his every move, sent this prayer:

“We are paying severely for our obscenity. Our shame concealed in the dark, but

exposed by light. How can I find succour when my heart is empty, soul wandering, drifting and filled with shame? Please grace us with your benevolence and relinquish our peace in your grasp with those words so simple yet precious and powerful. I pray the wisdom that is beyond the realm of the mortal prevails”.

Two weeks after Kunle’s message, she called that she would be moving back to

the house the next weekend. Kunle became excited but was scared and wondered how he was going to face her. She moved in as promised and after a stiff hug and greeting, they sat down to talk. She told Kunle she had consulted with her pastor who encouraged her to take this path for her peace, home and family. She requested they visit a therapist and hopefully see how it goes. But for her mother, she does not wish to communicate with her for now until they completed their therapy.

The therapy and counselling sessions were a great success and the family grew stronger and love blossomed. Kunle abandoned his philandering ways and strictly ended his affair with Ifedayo, pledging his commitment and faithfulness to his wife and family. Annette now serves as a relationship counsellor in her church, advising and encouraging women having issues in their marriages on how to keep the boat from rocking. It was not easy, but she eventually took the step to mend bridges with her mother by sending her hearty birthday wishes on her 60th birthday celebration.

However small, a ray of light in a dark tunnel is better than total darkness. Ifedayo cried with tears of joy as she read her daughter’s birthday wishes to her.



Kunle’s excitement and joy knew no bounds as he was actually expecting a decline or completely been ignored. If one could be named a goddess for the sake of beauty, she would have been one. But then, she would have possessed the power to see the future and the need to stay away from him.

The next day, Kunle went about his work with dexterity and speed, anxiously counting the minutes and hours to 2pm and when the clock struck 1:30pm, he quickly rounded up his duties, and speedily drove to the Bliss Restaurant where they planned to meet. He intended to get there before her so he could have the satisfaction of watching her work into the classy restaurant, swaying her curvy hips, with her angelic smile and dazzling beauty. He knew something was happening to him with this woman but he couldn’t place his finger on it because he was a stranger to love in its most passionate and purest form. All he could understand was that this one was special and he would do everything possible to find out why.

At 2pm exactly, Annette walked elegantly into the restaurant towards him. Eyes caressed her with each step, she was a distraction no one could avoid. Kunle was impressed, she was a woman that kept to time, another good quality he valued. They hugged in greeting, ordered their meals and began an easy flowing conversation about everything and nothing while eating and having drinks. After a while, they became light headed and began to exchange little touches, a light tap here and a soft caress on the thumb there. It was a time well spent and Kunle couldn’t hide his excitement. Annette intended to conceal her emotions, but her eyes like a mirror betrayed her, reflecting all she intended to bury underneath her beauty.

They began having regular dates, dinners and lunches, but for the first time, Kunle did not feel the urge to conquer her in bed. Rather, he wanted to know her, really understand who she was, he wanted to love her, protect her and be there for her. This was a new feeling. Their relationship did not escalate based on passion, but grew organically on a solid foundation as they saw more often, gathered momentum each day and steadily toward the trajectory of intimacy. They began to desire each other.

This had all happened swiftly in the space of three months. Back in Abuja, Ifedayo ended up staying over more than she anticipated, she missed Kunle so much and flooded him with calls and messages which he reciprocated a few times. She sent a message to express how deep she missed him,

“Your absence is the storm that wrecks me to pieces, the pieces my heart now is,

I will for now remain stiches of these pieces, till your presence makes me whole again”.

She was bothered he didn’t respond to her messages as quickly and often as he used to. On one of their few phone conversations, she expressed her discomfort at his reluctance in responding to her messages, he apologized noting that it was due to pressure from work. His excuse was far from the truth, as he was already in love with Annette, but had realized that he was still hooked to the sexual prowess of Ifedayo as his body still secretly yearned for her gripping passionate touch, a dilemma and a remedy for disaster if he failed to embrace restraint.

Weekend was here, ‘Thank God it’s Friday’, a common statement on the lips of all workers at the close of work on Fridays. While other staff were excitedly telling stories and making plans for a fun-filled Friday evening and the weekend as a whole, Kunle happily drove home to relax with a nice bottle of wine, ordered pizza while watching Super Sports on his DSTV Explorer, for his days of prowling the city on weekends looking for cheap girls or serenading his older lovers were long gone. All he looked forward to were long hours on the phone with Annette or quiet moments spent on his couch whispering sweet words and promises into her ears, lightly running his hands all over her body as she trembled with desire. He was in no rush to have her body, for winning her heart was more important to him.

On Saturday morning, after returning from the gym, a shower and a light breakfast, Kunle was about to relax in front of the TV when his doorbell rang. He ran to the door and upon opening, received a pleasant surprise! What was Annette thinking? She stood in front of Kunle looking fresh faced, casually dressed in a short sexy flowered gown which accentuated her beautiful skin, exposing her long smooth legs and her nails freshly painted. She looked so beautiful and Kunle’s heart rate picked up and other parts of his body also leaped for joy! She hadn’t called to inform him she was coming over, but Kunle guessed it was a nonverbal communication between them, an offer he was willing to accept.

They hugged affectionately with a kiss on the lips which lingered longer than usual. Kunle was glad she came and he knew she felt the same way because he felt her tremble in his arms. Their tongues became tangled, lips locked in union, in a single touch, skin on skin, flood of emotions and burning desires awaiting to be satisfied came alive, every move he made was deliberate, but she was innocent and her purity was revealed not by her beauty but in bed, she trembled as his dexterity overwhelmed her, the crack and anticipated penetration called for a scream, known to be devious, but with her his poetic soul and tenderness prevailed and made the difference, she knew pleasure but not like this, it was a night full of magic.

What Annette and Kunle have is now a bond. Sitting alone and reminiscing about

the beautiful moments of the previous night, she literally in a deep thought about

him, subconsciously reached for her phone and dialled his number. She needed to hear his voice. The voice on the other side was exactly what she needed for tranquillity, she told him she needed to make a confession:

“Kunle, Initially I doubted you without ceasing, since I couldn’t validate your feelings, in a world where everyone is saint but wears contrary garment, how else

could I have been assured of your sincerity without your soul melting in passion

into mine. I love you”.

Kunle was speechless, took a few seconds to articulated his thought and said,

“I do not deserve you Annette. You are a gift, a daily drip of honey in my heart

and liberator with a tender touch sent by the god of affection to deliver me from

my old ways. The emotions you create in me is a tidal wave, It’s worth more than

a million words”.

Four months now, while Kunle and Annete continued their blossoming peaceful and passionate relationship, Ifedayo returned from her business trip and was glad to be back. She called Kunle and asked if they could see. Not to arouse suspicion about his relationship with Annette, he accepted. He got to her place and they had a long discussion that ended up getting intimate. She was the definition of insatiable, a storm he was always willing to embrace, a wind his desires sought to ride, putting pressure on the right places, she was simply a wild rose that grew among thorns with no petals. Instead of withdrawing, he indulged in her wildness and passionate drive, hoping it would not cost him the love he holds dear.

Kunle and Annette agreed to get married after five months of dating, so it became necessary for him to meet her parents before proceeding. Annette whose middle name is Oluwabunmi and surname Cole was a product of an early divorce. She lost her dad in her teenage years while schooling in the U.S and has done very well since she returned to Nigeria. Saturday was selected and she sent the address to Kunle. When Kunle got the text stating the address, he froze. A silent voice within him said, I know this place and another, is Ifedayo her mother?

He felt nauseous from the anxiety and had goose bumps all over his body. Sweating profusely, he sat down feeling his world crumbling with no remedy in

sight. Annette is very intelligent and an attempt to probe might give a hint that something was wrong, so he decided not to, but a creeping feeling of someone destined for execution hunted him as Saturday approached.

Saturday came and she got to his place early as they were going with his car because she had noted that her mother appreciated punctuality. Kunle was calm and reserved, very unusual and Annette became worried because she had expected him to be nervously excited but she noticed a different attitude from Kunle. She asked why he was cold and looked lost in thoughts, but he assured her everything was okay. As he drove, he hoped all this was a mix up and would be resolved one way or another. As he navigated the car slowly to a stop, the voice again in his head spoke up again, is this not Ifedayo’s house? His legs almost caved from unpleasant emotions that tormented him with terror making him cringe and flinch as they approached the front door.

The door opened, and standing before Kunle and Annette was Ifedayo, his soon to be mother in law. Ifedayo’s jaws dropped in shock and a sick feeling ran through her body as all the anticipation and excitement of meeting her future son in law became an instant night mare. Ifedayo, standing before her daughter Annette and Kunle almost passed out struggling with a smile and a welcome. For Kunle, a terrain he had visited a couple of times filled with electrifying passion, now felt out of place and became docile. Annette, unaware of the heat in the atmosphere, concluded they were adjusting to each other.

Ifedayo managed to converse and asked him questions as if they just met for the first time. With reality staring at both of them with nowhere to hide, eating and drinking became sour and uncomfortable. They tried to sway and shield Annette from getting suspicious.

After about two hours spent in a tensed conversation, Kunle begged to take his leave as he had other pressing issues to attend to.  After Kunle left, Ifedayo asked her daughter if she was sure about Kunle and if she had even taken her time to get to know all about him. Annette answered in the affirmative with so much love and emotions glowing in her eyes as she talked about Kunle. Ifedayo became sad and there was a stronger feeling lurking at the corner of her heart. Of course, she was jealous! How could she allow Annette have her man? The only man that had been able to quench her strange and insatiable sexual desires. She wasn’t even prepared to think about letting him go for Annette. She could share but couldn’t bear the thought of never having Kunle in her arms again. So, she told Annette that she was going to take her time as she was not going to give her blessing to a hasty marriage decision, a man Annette had known for barely six months.



The act of baiting did not begin today. It is as old as time itself. Humans and animals alike use this tool as a means for survival, but when it comes to a man and woman, it is as complex as unravelling the secret of a woman’s heart.

Kunle is an exception, he makes the act of baiting the other sex so simple. He is smooth, fluid and tactful. A master in the act and as such has lured several women, irrespective of their shapes and sizes, classy or simple, religious or atheist, into his web of seduction.

He prefers older women, and sometimes single mothers; he believes they are more mature and make better lovers than young single women without kids. In his words,” they are like old wine; the older they are, the better they taste”.

Kunle is the technical assistant to Chief Daniels, a business mogul with vast assets in the real estate and oil sectors. He is also a business partner with Ms. Ifedayo, a 58 years old lady from a family of affluence. She got married at 25 years of age and divorced her husband at the young age of 29. The marriage, however brief, produced two beautiful daughters, Bunmi and Layo.

Her daughters schooled in the United States under the watchful eyes of their uncle. This gave Ifedayo the leverage and freedom to live the way she wanted, free as a bird, with a wolf like passion seeking someone to unleash her desires.

She kept her affairs and family life private, and her daughters fully isolated. Layo now 27, got married to a Nigerian based in the U.S, while Bunmi returned to Nigeria and started her own business.  Bunmi kept her family’s status in the shadow and made sure her achievements were never linked to her family in anyway. Also, she doesn’t have a strong bond with her mother because of the separation while growing up.

Kunle looked forward to Mondays after a weekend of fun with at least one beautiful woman to warm his bed. He always felt rejuvenated and ready to face the new week with excitement and it was on one of such Mondays he was asked by his boss to follow through on a business deal with Ms. Ifedayo, creating the opportunity for a meeting that would end up setting the stage for the unexpected.

He drove down to her palatial office premises and after been checked by the security and ushered into her inner office, he was introduced to this amiable lady of whom he had heard so much successful stories about.

On meeting her, playfully devious in his ways, he assessed her, though older with about 23 years, but she was a perfect fit for his schemes, his type of prey. Wealthy, older, a single parent and beautifully attractive, he made up his mind to have a relationship with her, but first he must bait her. But how do you lure a woman that has it all? He asked himself.

His answer came in their subsequent meetings, she was very conscious of herself,

her beauty conspicuous and contagious, craving attention and needing someone

to unveil her emotions. But he had to move fast from acquaintance to friendship, only then would he be able to feed her soul with what she desires.

Kunle ensured he made his presence dominant whenever she was around just to

be noticed. It worked. She called for his assistance to prepare a feasibility report

on a project as her personal assistant had resigned suddenly over unforeseen circumstances, to which he gladly obliged. Her company was awarded the contract and she felt it was necessary to appreciate Kunle for his support and role played in the entire process by taking him out on a dinner. While at the dinner, Kunle said,

“Sometimes I wonder” out of curiosity she asked, “about what?”.

Kunle went for the jugular with his response,

“I have been privileged to know you for some time, and it is not when I see you

that matters, but my thoughts when am alone. It took a while but I have come to

realize you are the strand of my imagination, a gift, a beautiful flower you are,

you bloom and blossom each time and your beauty never withers”.

She was enthralled, her Achilles heel felt the rush of adrenalin and her heart

shuddered like a leaf before the wind. In confusion, she smiled and thanked him for the compliment. He responded with a smile but deep in his heart, he knew a bait had been planted, the stage set and all he needed to do was to water and nurture it until she succumbed and became at the mercy of his seduction.

He didn’t send a regular gift to her on her birthday, but words. He said to the woman who had it all,

“It’s overwhelmingly eluding the thoughts of selecting a gift to present to you on your special day. While I drown in this impossibility, I offer a few words of appreciation; if I could describe your beauty I would, but allowing myself to get tempted into using words not befitting of a goddess would be unworthy, so I have chosen silence to honour you. Happy Birthday Ifedayo”.

He did not attend her birthday party as she eagerly hoped for, it was a deliberate part of his ploy to expand the ripples of already stirred passionate desires in her. She was on the lookout, her heart skipped, raced and protested with every guest that came into the venue. She was disappointed he didn’t attend, tried to make light of it to assuage the hurt in her heart but those words of his were beautiful, and she replayed them like endless songs in her heart with each breathe she took.

He paid a courtesy visit and apologized for not honouring her invitation, and hoped the damage was not irreparable. The least he could do was to request for the privilege of taking her out on a special dinner, which he did and she accepted after a heartbeat’s moment of hesitation, as her soul had already been captured by this Adonis, with overpowering and mesmerising words that had swept her off her solid feet.

He was calculative, articulate and had his moves on her plotted on the graph of his devious mind, for she was unknowingly following what he had preordained. The combination of an excellent meal, exquisite drink and a variety of emotions made the dinner perfect. A little tipsy but within the limit of safe drinking and with the right flow of words from Kunle, she found herself in his room.

Wow!! This one is a beast in bed, thought Kunle. Her passion fuelled his desires, she swayed him with her fire, aroused his savagery instinct with her deep and lustful kisses, her passionate feel of his skin, with her long nails piercing his calves and back. She pushed him to ecstatic edges of animalistic desire and ascending climax. He had no other option than to ravage and ravish her with no holds barred, the degree of her want, her need for the deep penetration of all that he wields drove him crazy as his strokes increased in synonym with her increasing yearning, the orgasm was mind blowing! He hadn’t had it like this in a while. Ifedayo was something else! He knew then that he was hooked on this amazon of a woman, this sexual goddess. Their sexuality was intense and a match, but his motive far from sincere.

The next day at work, seated in her office smiling alone, Ifedayo’s thoughts were clouded by the previous night’s events. She couldn’t hold back and she sent him a message,

“You were swift and I didn’t have a chance, caught in your infectious flame,

burning hotter as it moves like hurricane consuming the whole of me, you are a

hunter I never knew existed”.

Kunle in his usual manner responded,

“You are a spell cast upon me, a love portion given to my soul, without you I am

just a shallow water with no depth”.

From that moment on, the relationship accelerated to unprecedented levels. They

had passionate sex everywhere and at a glimpse of every opportunity. Her vulnerability and constant want for him sank her deeper into his schemes. She became more committed, not knowing she was a pawn on his chess board, a conquered prey and a feather to his cap as the king of seduction.

Some months later, Ifedayo travelled to Abuja to resolve some business issues that were becoming too challenging for her staff to handle. And though sad she was, because she missed Kunle and would likely be staying for a few months to

see to the resolution of the challenge, she excitedly looked forward to seeing him.

It was during this period while Ifedayo was away, Kunle met with the managing director of Bumak Decorations, Miss Annette, to discuss on interior ideas for his new home which he recently moved into. Bumak came highly recommended and after his investigation, an agreement was reached. It was an exceedingly beautiful finish.

In awe of the excellent delivery of the interior company, Kunle made a comment in passing when Annette briefly paid him a visit at his office to find out if he loved their work:

“If the owner is a rose flower, then what do you expect of her products”.

She laughed and thanked him for the compliment, but he insisted he was going to

take her out as a way of appreciating the splendid job. She declined stating that she only did her job which was paid for. They went ahead to have a light conversation about other future business dealings as he walked with her to the car park, while also watching her every stride. She was beautiful, simple, elegant, calm and professional. But aside from all these wonderful qualities, somehow, he knew she was special and that this meeting wasn’t going to be their last.

A week had gone by since Kunle’s request was declined by Annette, the beautiful MD of Bumak Decorations. He hadn’t been able to get her off his mind ever since and he had to speak with her soon before he lost his cool so he sent her a message on WhatsApp,

“Hi Annette, I am sorry for trying to play on your intelligence the other day. I sincerely regret being silky. You left an impression embedded in my soul, yet difficult to explain. For now, I choose not to define how I feel as that may be premature and may result in you setting a limit to what might end up to be so intense. You weave magic in me and please don’t think am fantasizing, I just can’t cast you from my thoughts, I would appreciate if you would give me the privilege for a lunch date tomorrow. Please pick the time and place”.

He waited for her response for a time that felt like eternity. Just as he was about to give up and conclude that he had been ignored, his phone vibrated a little close to midnight. It was her response:

“Wow. Tomorrow at 2pm, the Bliss”.


When a man’s heart is twisted, everything becomes a game. His developed skill to bait and lure his prey become his sharpened claws to achieve his will.

But when the world as he knows it turns around against him, and the hunter becomes the hunted with no help insight. The Hunter is left with no choice than to say his prayers.



She took some days off work to spend more time with me; while I intensified my effort to get her a new job. The combination of my network and her sound educational background paid off, I eventually got her a job through a friend. Although the salary was slightly below what we had expected, it was enough to convince her to accept the offer.

We are close to the inevitable end of making our love affair known if we must get married, but are we prepared for the wrath of society, culture and religion? I felt chills and Goosebumps as this thought flashed through my mind.

She informed her husband, and he promised to visit as soon as she was settled in.

Scheduled to resume work in a few days, I departed early. My mind fully engaged with all that I must put in place before she joined me the following week. When I got home, I contacted my estate agent to get her a befitting apartment; once secured, I sent her the address to settle down once she got into town.

One week seemed near, yet felt far.  She arrived. Glad to finally have her in town after a brief but torturous wait, although we were swamped within the week, she, trying to adapt to her new job and environment while mine was hectic. We spoke most times on the phone or via text.

Friday! Thank God it’s Friday. Finally, it was time to unwind after a week of work pressure, we watched movies at the cinema and ended at a hangout spot- not a formal restaurant, but an open space utilised every evening for socialising for its serenity and the perfect view of the lagoon. The cool breeze, well-spiced barbecue, music and alcohol set our emotions raging, with our passion acting as the catalyst. I whispered in her ear, “follow me!”

We both stood and walked holding hands towards my tinted SUV. The carpark faintly lighted by the rays from the moon. We got in the back, collapsed the seat, and as though she read my mind or desperately wanting it too, in seconds we were kissing, and all over each other; we were beasts in human form, two lovers gone insane. Insatiable and like famished predators, we continued in this Wolverine passion, unabated, unable to get enough, ending with a climax that felt better than the last time; with her, it is always better than the last time.

There, we laid as two transformed individuals, exhausted and literarily unable to recognise ourselves from one moment of passion to the next.

I felt a liquid sensation on my chest and touched her face to realise it was tears flowing from her eyes.

“Why?” I asked.

She said she was pouring the emptiness of her soul, knowing something as beautiful would hurt people when revealed. She had several missed calls from her husband, she couldn’t take them because the environ was noisy and she didn’t want him to get suspicious since it was late.

It was already 11:58 pm, too late to take her home, we agreed to spend the night at my place and to engage the services of a cab to take her home in the morning. As soon as we got in, she gestured that I stay silent and placed a phone call to her husband. He finally answered after several rings. She apologised for just returning his calls, giving the excuse that her phone was on silent mode because she was in a meeting which spilled over into the night and didn’t realise it was ringing. She said that she had gotten home exhausted and slept off, only to wake to his numerous calls. He replied saying that he could barely talk as he was exhausted from a hectic day; tired himself, he promised to speak with her in the morning.

She got home before noon on Saturday, and as soon as she opened the door, she saw a paper that had been slipped under the door. All sorts of thoughts went through her mind in a second as she wondered who could have dropped the note. My neighbour? Colleague? Husband? Not my husband, he was too calm when we spoke last night.

All these unanswered questions prevailed as she scrambled to read the content of the note.

“Ebi, I had my suspicion but questioned my sanity to ever doubt your faithfulness. I struggled with various unanswered questions but couldn’t dare to confront you because I would not have been able to stand the shame of looking at you if I was wrong. So, I accepted your proposal of a better-paid job in another state without objection, knowing you were going to be free and complacent, with time revealing the truth. I felt I should pay you a surprise visit to enable us to spend the weekend together only to be stranded outside your apartment. I arrived between 6 and 7 pm, at a time you were supposed to have returned from work, but since I did not meet you, I decided to reveal the surprise over the phone. I made several calls, but you did not answer. When you called to explain your reason for not answering your phone I was right in front of the door to your apartment. Stunned, because your phone call painted a picture different from the reality. I left your apartment a broken man, I deserve to know where you spent the night, and I deserve answers to the questionable behaviour you have exhibited lately. ”

The note dropped to the floor as she trembled in shock and disbelief. I was surprised to see her back so soon, crying and looking overwhelmed. She gave the note to me without a word, my eyes wide open as I read.

“I thought as much,” I said, “why did I not think? His consent came too easy, it was all a trap, I should have seen it coming.”

The weeks and months that followed were plagued with incessant nightmares – both our parents, churches, friends and colleagues were disappointed in the fact that we were involved in such; online news agencies, blog and social media escalated the unfortunate news. The pain of betrayal and scars from her unfaithfulness made divorce inevitable.

We relocated.

Ebi and I relocated to Australia, paving the way for some respite and an atmosphere for a fresh start. We have been living here for four years. Ebi’s ex remarried and has a child now, but refused her peace overtures on various occasion to pacify him. Although our relationship with Ebi’s parents has improved over the years, we are yet to have a child of ours.

As we sat staring at the flawless lawn in our house, I reflected on if our childlessness was the price we must pay for this love that blossomed without ceasing. Or was the might of religion and culture coming against us for our treachery? Whatever is the case, I only empathise with those we hurt and hope for a total healing experience for them, but I have no regret, and Ebi feels the same way too. What we have is more profound than those watching from afar seem to perceive, and we don’t blame them, it is only natural. She says that I am a man worthy of the war, I say that she is a woman without which my world would have been empty. This is our endless love, one that continues to be recharged by electricity that never fails, unleashing passion and desires that make me understand Romeo and Juliet better than just reading about them. I hope someday the world will also talk about us, with less emphasise on our wrong and dwell on how true love such as ours can make the world a better place.




The next morning, from her office, she sent me a WhatsApp message.

“Hi Uche, my feeling for you is not in doubt,” she wrote, “but for the sake of my marriage, I wished our meeting had ended in disappointment, with no excitement. But with you my Adonis you lived up to your name and awaken one of the most exciting moments of my life.”

“Before we met, we were like two chemical substances far apart, and our meeting paved the way for us to mix, creating a reaction that has transformed my life. You are a passionate force that is pulling me like a magnetic field that I cannot resist. Even now, I desire you.”

I read her message severally with mix feelings, no thought of being caught in mind, as my heart would not let go; yet, for our love, I will risk it all. She had become my oxygen, the air that I breathe. My insomnia comes from the worries of how I would survive if I am unable to make her mine. As I pondered this, I heard a knock and behold it was my Aphrodite; as she walked towards me, I could not help but notice, even with teary eyes, her beautiful glow was not lost.

We hugged. Tears flowed down her cheeks.

“What is wrong,” I asked.

“Just hold me tight and kiss me.”

We went mute, and as silence prevailed the urge and passion took charge of us. Every touch broke her free, she began to relax, the rhythm of her breath changed from weeping to ecstasy as I infuse myself deeper into her soul. Our intercourse was not only passionate but electrifying. Keeping her eyes closed permanently, she moaned, moving in rhythm, jerking like with a convulsion – the deep sense of pleasure.

Now stable and able to talk, she expressed her concerns about her husband, noting from the way he had sounded in their telephone conversation, it seemed that he suspected something was wrong. She feared that if he could notice from afar, what then could happen whenever he returned on his regular visit.

She told me that she was gradually losing interest in her marriage and getting emotionally detached from her husband.

This scared her.

This creepy feeling was, in fact, anticipated. It feels easy thinking about dealing with it, but difficult to handle the experience. What do I do? To discourage her from playing into the hands of her fears by terminating what we have.

I told her we never planned to put ourselves in this unpleasant situation, and that I did not have the perfect words to alleviate her fears, but I assured her we are in the boat together, till the end; however turbulent the current becomes, whether it capsizes or remains afloat.

“I am only sure of one thing,” I said, “in all of this, I will get married to you, and spend the rest of my life waking up with your face as the first thing I see.”

“You are delusional! How on earth do I think that is possible?”

I told her that what she called, delusion, had been thoroughly thought through, and I was determined to make it come true, but I needed her support because life without her was unthinkable.

“Life without you will be excruciatingly painful too. Uche, I wish it were that simple,” she said.

But, she promised to think about it.

With two weeks left till I resume work, desperate for feedback, yet I trod with caution not to pressure her. We communicated mostly via WhatsApp and phone calls when the need arose. Already, three days had passed since the last time we met because of her hectic work schedule, and we had concluded to make time to meet on Friday morning. My hope of confirming if I had her consent in respect of my plans was dashed when she messaged to inform me on Friday morning that her husband had returned late on Thursday night and indicated she could only visit Saturday while taking advantage of the church activities scheduled for the same day.

I felt relieved when she eventually walked in. She was calm but expressed unease with her husband’s response, especially after he attempted to get intimate with her, and she declined under the guise of fatigue from work.

“I succeeded in debunking his thoughts, but it is just a matter of time before what we have erupts and becomes revealed by the brutal truth of time. Nothing stays hidden forever, not with our passion that is all over the place untamed,” she said.

Then, she wondered how she was to cope when I was gone.

“Uche, I agree,” she said. “Please tell me what we need to do to be together for the rest of our lives.”

Excited that the long-awaited question had finally come, I explained my master plan in detail to her. I would facilitate new employment for her where I resided, that could pay between three to four times what she earned presently. Her role was to convince her husband that she needed a more challenging job, that she was bored because of his new job, which had made being with her not stable. She was to convince him that the new position would reduce his frequency of travels to her and that the money made from the new job could boost her savings rapidly towards funding her existing business with the intent to resign and return to focus on growing her business. All these, while stating her hopes her husband would have concluded his consulting job at this time and be able to return to be with her.

If the plan went through, we would have the opportunity and the time to make the final arrangement to get married, as that was my primary goal.

Each passing day, it became evident how passion and the determination of our hearts to be together were taking us deeper into our quest to achieve what society would perceive as abominable if the lid was removed from what we concealed.

Her husband’s consent came seamlessly without a moment of hesitation. There was nothing strange about it because he had always been supportive of her course, but still, it was easier than she had anticipated. When she messaged me, I could feel her excitement.

“He would be leaving for his work station in two days, and I am eager to see you,” she wrote.

She came looking ravishing, slim, but well-endowed where it mattered, her curves revealing and her sensuality enhanced. Such as I saw before me, is better experienced, for words would not do justice to this goddess. If she had come to seduce me, then she was doing a great job. She drove me to insanity, and at that moment, I recalled in one of our early conversations when she said that she could drive my sexual urge to the heavens if she wanted. Could this be it?

We started kissing, I was not in haste this time, I used every skill at my disposal to steer and accelerate her as I wanted. She seduced me, but I was in control. Her breathing changed with each touch, enveloped in the dark I reached for her succulent melons, tickling her nipples she jerked and held tightly to me, while my tongue was all over her, she went wild as that brought the beast-like passion she always referred to. I migrated to between her thighs and intensified the pleasure.

“You are killing me with ecstasy,” she muttered. I increased my thrust, and she began to moan, her nails scratching my back, as she squirted with an intense orgasm until we finally flopped back in exhaustion. We spent the night at mine because it was too late for her to return home. We had sex severally before dawn; during intercourse, she is a different person, and I couldn’t help but appreciate the power of passion unleashed to exert such intensity that her personality changes, such energy can only be compared to someone on drugs, obsessed or deranged.



I longed to put a face to the voice that bore only beautiful words, but my thought and my conscience rang warning bells – another man’s wife – scaring me to the core. Knowing what could happen if we got complacent with our audacious passion, I had to decline her tempting request to visit since her husband had taken up a consulting job that would require that he shuttled between where they reside and his place of work.
However, when the heart is set on achieving something, it becomes a moving locomotive with a failed brake system, there is no stopping it.

I embarked on the journey.

I was going to surprise her, so I did not inform her. I wanted my arrival to feel like a storm landing on a community without warning signs.
All through the journey, I imagined our meeting and hoped it would end up becoming the reality of the mental picture and flash video I had been having.

I had opted to stay at my friend’s personal house to mitigate the risk of someone seeing her entering a hotel. The house, a secluded four-bedroom duplex, is a considerable distance from where she lives. My friend had travelled to Canada to spend summer with his family and had instructed his house security to grant me access.

Settled in, I dialled her number severally but couldn’t get through; poor reception, I guess. I waited for a while, then sent a text.

She did not respond.

That got me worried. Worried, tired from the trip, and bored, I slept off. When I awoke, I had received a message from her.

“Hi, you claim to be unable to do without me,” she had written, “yet you refused to see me even after I told you my husband travelled and pleaded like my life was dependent on it. I am not happy with you and not in the mood
to chat.”

Sensing she was drowning in frustration, I replied the message to save her. “I understand the sentiment, but please try to see through my words and feel with your heart when in doubt, for casting what is transparently pure, beautifully felt and sacred as our love, is like denying the existence of morning, afternoon and night. I would be with you right now if I could.”

Saved by my message, the healing remedy that took her to a better place, she apologised for the aggression and asked how I was doing.

“I am fine, but I would feel better when we meet,” I replied.

She wrote, “well, unfortunately, you have decided to not feel better since you’ve refused to honour my invitation.”

“Guess what?” I responded.

“I don’t have the strength to play the guessing game as I am burdened by your refusal to see me,” she wrote.

I sent her a shocker. I told her that I had come to take her burden away, to make her feel alive again and that her days of living hopeful, holding on to imaginations were over.

“I will lock you in a world you never knew existed. I am in town.”

Surprised, she replied, “are you joking? When did you arrive? Where are you?”

“Today, and I am at my friend’s house – 5A Jefferson drive.”

I told her my friend had travelled and that I was all alone. She put a call through to me, informing me that she would arrive at 8 pm. She mentioned that she would need to confirm that her husband had no intention of giving her a surprise gift by way of an unexpected visit. The call was brief and her reason for coming late well understood.

I had informed the security that I was expecting a visitor, so a few minutes past 8 pm, she was ushered in. She came with heat, not of fire or light, but from the contact of our body as we embraced. Her smile as she entered through the door, illuminated the moment; without doubt, she filled my existence. She was more beautiful in person, and there was no dull moment. We discussed everything except her marriage while I took her hands, pulling her gently as she collapsed into my arms. I stared into her electrifying eyes, kissed her neck, my hands roaming all over seeking where would make her gasp for breath until a point of almost losing consciousness from pleasure. At this point, nothing mattered, religion and cultural beliefs were not strong enough obstacles to sway us.

The world froze.

We were all alone, our hearts dictated where we found the deepest parts of each other, weaving magic that touched the soul; our love was unfettered, and only our hearts could aspire to fill the desires of our souls. This coupling was compelling, intense and passionate without regrets. We were over the red line with our treacherous act – not just against her husband, but also against culture and religion; yet, we continued to indulge in this priceless moment of our lives. The guilt we envisaged evaporated, giving way to contentment, I guess because our passionate expression generated so much heat.

She told me she preferred me, and at that moment, she was in a confused state of mind, for I had made her realise how ignorant she was about real and passionate love.

Unhappy to be leaving, when she desired to spend more time with me, she reluctantly drove home. She was laying in her bed when her husband called, their conversation lacked lustre. When he asked what was wrong, she attributed it to tiredness – he was unaware that his wife laid with various overwhelming emotions ruling her essence. She did not dwell on her actions or thought of the red line she had crossed, but for a fact, she knew her marriage would never be the same again. This love, a ray of magic emitted from the core of her soul, making her perceive life as renewed and a beautiful dream she would not want to wake from. Although her husband loves her and she wouldn’t want him to get hurt, she could see the inevitable end, with much collateral damage. Yet, she so strongly wished to wake up in the morning with a new reality of expressing her passion freely with her Adonis, as she calls me, Uche, without shielding it in secrecy.



But then, on a Monday, she came with a twist of aggression. She emphasized on the need to stay away from her. That I was a threat to her peace, her reputation which had taken her years to build, her marriage. She said that each time I speak with her she ended up imagining those scenarios and had started looking forward to them playing out. Oh! Alas, she deleted my contact again for the second time and barred my numbers except for one platform on social media, whether deliberate or not I didn’t care to know because I wasn’t interested in how or why, I just wanted to be with her and if that was fulfilled, then I was fine.

I felt my soul crushed down again, I only existed but didn’t feel alive. I sent an avalanche of messages, made incessant calls through to her without a single response. In my grief, my heart wept, and the tears flowed not from my eyes, but from every broken piece of my heart. I had told her I was going to be heartbroken at the appointed time, I knew getting over the red line makes this love forbidden and it wasn’t going to last forever, this fairytale wasn’t  going to end in “happily ever after”, but I never imagined it was going to be this abrupt and soon!

With pain came words, so I buried myself in poetry as I couldn’t disclose to anyone my ordeal and pain:

We met where we least expected, defying all the odds as we burn with passion, time seems to be meaningless, everything seems to stand still, but our kisses and passion however far apart didn’t cease, we were like lovers gone insane”

“You deepened my heart with emotions, a depth even I get lost in, words seem not to lighten the burden of what I feel, so tears flow not for pain, but relief”.

“Yes! underrated, frail and innocent, but he touched where no one knew existed, reached the unattainable depth a distance only in my imagination, hitting every target within my core, ravaged me like a beast and ravishing came with a sonorous scream, he was not brutal, I simply made him obsessed and deranged, then cut him loose”

“I said to my mind, to take me on a journey, drawing from the depth of my memory, that which once made the present full of life, the next day hopeful, and the future worth waiting for, that which brought light, also brought cloud of darkness when the love became an enemy to my heart, because the love was forbidden”.

“He knew love could be brutal, but never imagined it would be this swift, expressing all with integrity, the purity and innocence of his soul, delicate and sensitive the beauty of his heart, too intense for her to understand, cursed him with a broken heart, his soul stitched into all the pieces, fear rules over his heart, he lacks words”.

“Pay attention, listen to the heart of the broken, there is something beautiful about it, rhymes, rhythms and melody forming songs, stories and memories, only broken souls understand”.

“Her arousal is a furnace, her desires ferocious, her sexual audacity I crave, my body constantly betrays me, the hunter is now the prey”.

“I am not a free man anymore, a captive of your passion, in shackles of your intensity, what better way can one express solitude, if not been bound in trance after a taste of your desires”.

I rode home with a friend as I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to drive. I heard a beep, I checked, and my phone was ringing. As I picked it up to check the screen for the caller identity, my eyes widened in surprise. It was my Aphrodite, my Nerfititi, the one that had taken captive my soul, heck my life. My hands shook in excitement as I answered, and she requested I read the messages she had sent to me on whatsapp. In split seconds, I was on my whatsapp reading her messages:

“I am a mess you know, totally lost control of my emotions, I can’t be firm on my decision. What have you done to me?”.

From here on, things became more exciting than ever as we moved on like nothing happened. She tells me how she craves and desires me, encouraging my decision to travel to her state so we meet in person. I desire to see her too, but it’s not so simple as I know for certain meeting her would escalate to explosive passionate lovemaking. For I crave the passionate intertwining of our bodies, making the ravaging fire in our hearts bridge fortresses, yes, I would prefer her dressed so my imagination goes wild from suspense, for sex is the ice on the cake and not the cake.

Living each day with these cravings has not been easy. It’s like an individual fighting with himself. I feel like a hungry tiger locked in a cage, hungry for the one that can satiate my hunger. For I long for the day I will be face to face with my Aphrodite, our first words, our bodies invisibly drawing close to each other and how I would go silent after a while and allow my magical touch wake up the passion in her already calling for me. The mental picture gets stronger and I can literally see a flash video of it all.

I will not make haste to ravish her, I will not allow her lure me into eagerness for her touch and neither will I make her unhinged passionate desires seduce me into the swift act of intercourse.

I will take it easy, I will spend time to discuss with her about the purity of my feelings, my sincerity, I will make her understand that I will seek her wherever she goes for if I am opportune to pass through this world again, I will get lost in her beautiful eyes.

And when the cover of darkness comes calling, I will switch off the light and make absolute silence reign, that when she begins to gasp from the euphoria and ecstasy I shall provide, I would feel her breathe and hear her heart race.

The darkness will make me more comfortable not because I wouldn’t want to see her vulnerable state, but for the fact that her body is sacred to me and as such is not a fortified city to be conquered, but a gift to be treated with respect for I am privileged to be in love however, forbidden.

I would trace her curves with my hands and touch every inch of her body, from the hair on her head, to her soft ears, her graceful neck, to the soles of her feet.

I will punish her with my pleasurable kisses and even if tears should flow from her eyes and she pleads that I take her, I would not for the beauty of passion is exploring a woman’s body like one searching for a priceless treasure yet to be found. 

As the day I behold my goddess draws near, I feel the cold hands from the sketches of fright faintly touching my heart and my passionate savage instinct stirs. There will be no limit. I won’t let you imagine the rest this time, but will live to tell the tale of The Meeting…