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Switch off the light bulb,
let the room mute
in silence, darkness,
my hands enticing,
flirting with
your senses,
searching for the
switch to turn
on your bodily
light bulb,
letting your
guards down
paving the way
to vulnerability,
for then
the gateway
to true connection
is opened,
setting the frequency
to fuse in unison,
passionate heat
melting us in one,
sound of ecstasy,
as you moan
I l-o-v-e e e y o u u u u u.




The life of
most adult,
plagued with
ego, grudges, hatred,
possessing our free spirit,
choreographing our
movement towards unforgiveness,
incarcerating our hearts,
locking our souls
in a dark void
where the mirror
reflects not,
lets reason together,
reminiscing in a twinkle
while we were little children
young at heart we were,
we will see hands,
images of little ones
Innocently cloth
in forgiveness,
hands extending
in humility
to embrace the people
we grudge and hate,
that’s the free spirit
we once had,
now lost,
and i hope we find
it again,
only when we take
on the heart of
a child.



Am always fascinated
by your beauty,
your personality
wild, beautiful,pure hearted,
all like chemical substances,
reacting and transforming
Into a magical portion
creating a powerful spell
holding me bound
without my knowing,
renewable each time
my eyes sight you,
I will never be any body’s,
my love for you will
never waver,
I am yours to do
as you will.



With you in my
head, heart, dream,
what do you think?
I waited,
endlessly, eagerly, in anticipation
then you emerged,
your eyes keep me awake
your beauty holds me
bound, in captivity,
perhaps, silence is a better
honour for your beauty
for what my mouth
speaks is of no value,
not worthy of you,
I am crazy about you,
always been,
in a battle for you sake,
there is no cure,
no salvation for me,
but you are the medicine
I need,
my arm of comfort,
my sanctuary.



The night is long,
the despair is great,
bitterness persists,
seeking righteousness
yet wanting revenge
is sowing unforgiving
and reaping no peace,
calm is near,
forgiveness is knocking,
forgiving others
Is forgiving yourself,
let your heart beats
ring the sound
Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness,
setting your mind free,
Your Soul flowing
Like river of peace
to your spirit,
and your body
radiating value
beyond jewel,
weakness becoming
life is too short,
and peace is always
closer than
you imagine.