All fingers are five,
hands are hands,
flesh is flesh,
blood is blood,
complexion and colour
are simply human rainbow,
and only in unity,
peace and love
will this rainbow radiates




I find myself continually
drawn to your energy,
like a moth to a flame;
My senses flooded when
you spill into my world,
like a sink with no drain;
overflowing emotion – unclear
what to do & then
i remember just to keep thinking of you

Sometimes i wonder how
strong this energy i emit,
how attractive the flame from
my heart that gets your emotions
to boiling point,
i hope,wish and pray
not to melt your heart.

 Replying to

Smooth like chocolate,
It could melt in your hands;
my heart pounds heavy
when your energy’s near,
and still it is clear
your energy embraces me
drawing me near…

 Replying to 

Then,i will continue to nourish
your heart not to hurt,
enjoying the grace from your love,
keeping my energy and flame at their
peak,until i go on a journey of no return.

Replying to

This journey you speak of
can i hold your hand?
we can walk together
sharing our energy –
…It’s part of the grand plan

my hand is all yours to hold,
to walk into the journey
of after life,
like Romeo and Juliet,
my energy,my flame,
i will share with you
for eternity.
Your words they caress,
like soft touches to my ears
whispering ever so clearly my dear &
betraying desires to be near
Within & around each other
the flames ignite
embracing all truth…
that our energy was meant to be one not two ♡
You deserve to be
caressed and even more,
you are the inspiration
for my words,
the source of my eloquence,
i will never let go
even if it costs me
my hand.




Words are spiritual
like medicine
can be applied to
heal the brokenhearted
and depressed in spirit,
they can save a soul and
seduce violence,
they can captivate the
audience as a beautiful
they are the priceless
gift you give a woman
to bind and hypnotise
they remain and
go everywhere with
us because they are
planted in our
memory forever,
Everything will pass,
but words are immortal.



Now that I am
far from the ground,
and so close to
the heavens,
I feel my spirit
and soul taking
over my flesh
and body,
the revelation
that follows,
shows every human
has the world and
universe curled up
in us all,
it is left for us
to find the good,
beauty, joy, moon,
peace and the stars
in everything.