If the sun could refine us.

If the rain could wash away our selfishness.

If swimming in a pool or stream could make us better.

If transition from night to morning could renew the world.

The planets would have leap for joy

Stars would twinkle more often

Galaxies gravitational attraction would be stronger

And the universe would have favoured all.



Soft words are
always soothing,
but if you think
they make you
look weak,
ask the family
next door,
the price of
harsh words

If you think intellect
is all you need,
ask a man with intellect,
but lacking wisdom

If you think peace
is expensive,
then ask the
neighboring country
the cost of rebuilding
after the chaos
and destruction

If you think war
is worth it,
ask the heroes,
widows and children
what they paid.

Love is wonderful,
but comes at a high cost,
ask the man or woman
still sustaining it or whose
heart was once burnt or now
in pieces

If you think a
relationship that looks
smooth has no price tag,
ask those still in it.

A woman is important,
so also is a man,
none is inferior
to the other in
a relationship,
instead of trying
to take each other’s role,
simply refer to the roles
that have been given to
us by GOD and play yours
in the team,
if you think this is difficult,
then show me a man
and woman who share
your assertion
and I will show you
a relationship in chaos
and never ending




We emphasise and seek freedom.

Yet our minds enslave and rule over us.

Like a master, it tells us how to act,

positively or negatively as it desires.

And the world smiles or suffers depending

on what our master makes us do.

Perhaps one reason for turmoil in the world.

Real freedom comes when our minds

become subject to us.

It starts with our minds.


solitude 3

I have been a prisoner of yours
Since you opened my heart to love,
The bars that keep me in,
Incarceration a feel i now know,
Lonely,quiet and peaceful,
In my solitude,full of your memory
My heart is gratified.



They went, stake and battled

To extinguish the blaze from war

For peace and unity not to burn

Alive or fallen, heroes they are.


15th January, the day we sober, reflect and celebrate

Their pain, anguish and courage.

They were soldiers, proud country men, sons and fathers

In the Nigerian Armed Forces.


Forever, they will dwell in our hearts

For they fought with their hearts.